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Full DIGITAL portable Ultrasound Scanner (BW540) 
Catalog BW540.pdf

Item No: BW540
Name: Full DIGITAL ultrasound Scanner

10.4' high resolution color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle
*Adopt ARM7 embedded control system +FPGA signal processing system + well selected ultrasound hardware system, all make the unit more stable
 *Menu operation system, with different languages according to requirement including Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese
* Two probe sockets, auto-identify different optional probe
*Body marks: total 64 kinds body marks indicating probe position
*Main unit weight: 4.5kg(without accessories)
*Main unit dimension: 256*150*326mm (L*W*H)

DIGITAL Laptop Ultrasound Scanner (BW500) 

Catalog BW500(V).pdf

Model No.: BW500
Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner 
An ideal ultrasound for Outdoor Diagnosis, Emergency and Military Use, especially where power supply is unavailable or unstable
*Smaller-sized and very light (1.5kg) for easy carry-on. 
*Rechargeable battery operated and AC power supply.
*Various types of Probes available for selection
*Unbeatible Price. Practical software package for cutting down the cost of vet doctors.
*Psuedo Color System
Digital Ultrasound System (BW510) 

Catalog BW510.pdf

Item: BW510
Digital Portable  Ultrasound Scanner
Basic Function
*Probe: Electronic convex array, linear array                 
*Scanning angle: convex probe 60 degrees, transvaginal probe 120 degrees                    
*Frequency: 5.0-9.0 MHz               
*Display Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M                    
*Gray Scales: 256   
*Body Marks: 64 marks   
Digital Ultrasound Scanner(BW530)  

Catalog BW530(V).pdf

Model No.: BW530
Digital Ultrasound Scanner

This is an all-purpose HIGH cost-effective digital ultrasound.
*High Image Resolution due to latest Digital Technology
*Unbeatible Price for the machines and all optional probes
*Various types of probes for selection
*Background light Silicon Rubber keyboard
*USB ports for image transfer or archiving for remote diagnosis
Trolley style ultrasound diagnostic imaging system (BW610) 
Catalog BW610.pdf

Model No:BW610
Trolley style ultrasound diagnostic imaging system

*All-purpose ultrasound:Abodomen, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Cardiology, Small parts,etc.
*Tri-frequency probes: convex, linear, microconvex, transvaginal probe
*15-inch medical LCD Display for display images beautifully
*256 images built-in storage
*USB 2.0 Port for Flash Card Memory
*Professional software package for various calculations and measurement;

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