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Digital Color Doppler ultrasound system(BC400) 
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Item No: BC400
Name: Full DIGITAL color doppler ultrasound imaging system

is a full digital portable color doppler ultrasound imaging system. Leading image processing technology, powerful data management, and user-friendly design, etc makes it a practicle clinic solution. Highly cost-effective as well as reliable performance, and it's an ideal option for primary hospitals and speciality clinics.etc

4D ultrasound Scanner (CTS8800 PLUS) 
Catalog Bondway CTS8800PLUS(15inch LCD).pdf

CTS 8800 Plus is an unique 4D (Realtime 3D) ultrasound scanner with a 15-inch LCD display.The complete 2D, 3D, 4D, PWD make it a competent machine for OB/GYN doctors' all diagnostic requirements.Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology (THI), Speckle Reduction Technology (SRT) & Compound Imaging technologies contributes substantially to making it a higher-resolution ultrasound imaging machine.

It's particularly good for those clients who need 3D or 4D ultrasound machine but with a small budget.

Digital Color Doppler ultrasound system (BC200) 

BC200 is a digital full-performance color doppler. Its application includes Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, cardiology, Blood Vessel, urology, Small Parts, galactophore, pediatrics, new-born, etc.

The system has 2D/CFM/PDI/PW/M scanning modes and provides the perfect resolution and sentitivity.  Integrative network ultrasound workstation and support DICOM transmission.

Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System (Apogee3500 Touch) 
Catalog Bondway Apogee3500 Touch.pdf

Apogee 3500 Touch is a Color Doppler ultrasound system specializing in OB/GYN application. Its updated version in better image quality with recent improvement on platform, software and hardware include 4D frame rate, channels satisfy daily clinic examination needs. It is also compatible with our 4D technology to realize fetus 4D scanning and measuring. Its adjustable LCD and touch screen facilitate doctors routine working conveniently and efficiently.

Excellent Performance
*Speckle Reduction Technology
* Touch Screen control 
* Compound Imaging 
* Elastography 
* Trapezoidal Imaging 
* Spetrum Envelope
* Live 3D imaging

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